Why full irrigation of Africa is urgent: the Ultimate Question Number 1

Why full irrigation of Africa is urgent! You will discover in the article to follow,  the reason for using the imperative ‘Launch Cross-African Continental Vegetation Fertilization Project!’ to give impetus to the venture. 

Why full irrigation of Africa is urgent
Why full water-supply of Africa is urgent


Launch Cross-Africa Irrigation Project! 
Launch Cross-African Continental Water-Supply Project! 



To Launch Cross-African Continental Water-Supply Project! is THE WAY out to answer Reasons for pressing complete water-supply of the African Continent!

Who are the main actors to be involved in this Cross-Africa Vegetation Fertilization Project? ALL African Nations AND relevant UN Specialized Organizations / Agencies! In that way to Launch Cross-African Continental Water-Supply Project! will give a very quick response to the issue To give reasons for urgent wide-cut Vegetation Fertilization of the African Continent!

An Illustration of the problems involved: (click)  Health-effects of Heavy Metals by Western-region illegal gold-mining in Ghana: a Presentation for the Ghana Medical Association Western Region

Launch the Cross-African Continental Irrigation Project!

So far: Why full irrigation of the African Continent is imperative! so: Launch Cross-Africa Irrigation Project as soon as possible!

Cross-Africa Irrigation Project, c.q. African E.P.A. i.s.n.