Vision and Objectives C.A.I.P.

Vision and Objectives C.A.I.P. a Vision Objectives Strategy Workshop! 


Imagination and Objectives C.A.I.P. What                                                                          the hack is happening: have we landed in the Dark Middle Ages?????

Vision and Objectives C.A.I.P.


We have to argue the Advantages and Disadvantages emanating from the Vision & Objectives C.A.I.P. The conclusion of those reasonings will result in Irrigation Schemes for the Continent of Africa. 

I will set out Vision and Objectives C.A.I.P. in the following resume, illustrated by Advantages and Disadvantages following


ADVANTAGES of the Cross-Africa Irrigation Project

Enhanced expansion of irrigation channels AND natural water-resources by natural forces, when canalization starts from sea-harbours.

A  vast network of irrigation water-resources from the easy extension of the areas to be irrigated  (with increased self-purifying capacities inland-wards and need for desalination at the sea-harbours).

A Reduced need for irrigation channel constructions.

A Potential for drastically lowering the costs for the Project.

Securing work for the African  People over decades of years, because the Project will cover many decennial periods due to many thousands of kilometres of waterways involved.  The exact period this Project will cover to be successful, C.A.I.P. will estimate after an agreement between the Parties to the Project.

The result finally of full irrigation capabilities will be the cutting edge of Africa for the World,  by enhancement of a huge food-production.

The C. A. I. P. will in principle NOT interfere with mining activities.  But the African Governments involved in the Project will have to strike a balance between mining activities and irrigation activities. Mineral exploitation companies have to take environmental protective measures subject to International Environment protective laws.

The African Union will only gain by considering the following observations:

The concept of Slavery is straight-away connected with the concept of Industrialization  (from the 18th Century on).  See the relevant recent observations in Ghana, mentioned in the Introduction concerning contamination,  victimizing the local population.

This explains, why:

CAIP will reevaluate certain Partnerships, on a regular basis.

(only) focusing on industrialization will result in armed conflicts: the stakes are high AND the People of Africa feel vulnerable.

So enhancing the focus on Irrigation and Agriculture, will have a beneficial mass-psychological effect for the People of Africa  (like a mass-psychotherapy), energized by the need for working together, to reach the goal of full irrigation of Africa.

In this way the Vision and Objectives C.A.I.P. may contribute to a prosperous African Continent!

DISADVANTAGES of the Cross-Africa Irrigation Project

Only when the connection of water-resources (incl. irrigation channels) will result in depletion of those resources in other area’s, which may be undesirable (or not).

Necessary desalination of water-influx from the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic or Indian oceans at the sea harbours.

The resulting salt-production and other minerals from sea-water may be used in chemical conversions for agricultural fertilization purposes (according to the principle of recycling).

So, even disadvantages may be nullified.

However, Parties to Project, especially African Governments may endanger activities of the C.A.I.P. in their territories AND Africa at large, by especially:

Corruption: C.A.I.P. will deal with and discourage corruption, in maintaining those laws towards Parties involved, through a Conciliation and Disciplinary Commission  (making efforts to conciliate the interests of mining companies and the interests of Parties to the Project); and eventually by the International Court of Justice. The penalty may consist in postponing Membership, which may affect the execution of the C.A.I.P.

Armed conflicts: armed conflicts between  African Nations Parties to the Project,  C.A.I.P. will postpone the Member-ship of those Parties, till they can guarantee the security for Irrigation Project activities in their territories may be guaranteed by the Governments concerned.

In this way, the Cross-Africa Irrigation Project may serve as an instrument for enhancing peace between African nations.

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So far the Vision and Objectives C.A.I.P.

Cross-Africa Irrigation Project, c.q. African E.P.A. i.s.n.