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Please, take note of the Privacy Policy C.A.I.P.  Irrigateafrica.link, or Irrigateafrica.link Privateness Management, before you go ahead on this site.

Such as illustrated: on this site we are like neighbors residing in pursuing our aims in a way, only allowed by this Practice. 

Since you as a ‘User’ or registered ‘Member’ are active on this website, like the net is registered with SiteGround.com, we all follow their rules.


Privacy Policy C.A.I.P.  Irrigateafrica.link
Privacy Practice C.A.I.P. Watersupplyafrica.cybernet

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The Legal Page of GDPR you will find at the bottom of the Front Page of the Web-site.

Irrigateafrica.link Privateness Management
 Watersupplyafrica.link Privateness Practice
So far: Privacy Policy C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link, or Irrigateafrica.link Privateness Policy
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