Ultimate Non-compliance of Miamata-Convention on Mercury Poisoning number 1




Non-compliance of Miamata-Convention on Mercury Poisoning!!!                                                An Address to the Ghana MP’s of Parliament.




Non-compliance of Miamata-Convention on Mercury Poisoning
       Non-abidance of Miamata-Convention on Mercury Poisoning

                                                                                                                                                                                        This follow-up Quick-silver Poisoning of Water by Mining-Industry is urgent. Why? Because the problem is still handled by the politicians in Ghana, like a glowing-hot ball: they throw it always to someone else… (like me)

I cite (and you click) an article of the Ghana-star: 

On March 23 2017, Ghana ratified the Minamata Convention on Quicksilver – a real step forward for communities affected by mercury pollution. 

I stress here, that to my knowledge NO law in Ghana has been promulgated, incorporating above-mentioned Ratification, to-date. An argument used by the Ghana Standard Board to keep those standards ‘private’.

For this reason I hold the politicians (MP’s) indiscriminately responsible for the results of Mercury poisoning AND for non-compliance of Miamata-convention on mercury poisoning in the Western Region. Why? Two legal reasons:

1. there is to my knowledge (which I ONLY derive from public statements) NO incorporation of the above-mentioned ratification in Ghana Law. But the second argument is even far stronger.

2. in the post about the Health Effects of Illegal Mining (on https://irrigateafrica.net), I strongly advised the Government of Ghana to use a legal instrument (to my knowledge the best available):                                                        LAW-ENFORCED EXTRACTION OF MINERALS BY NON-TOXIC METHODS,        – WHICH ARE EVEN MORE COST-EFFECTIVE THAN WITH MERCURY/CYANIDE AND                                                                                                              – HAVING BENEFICIAL SIDE-EFFECTS                                                                                    – REDUCTION OF CONTAMINATION BY ARSENIC AND LEAD, CAUSED BY            – REDUCTION IN USE OF WATER!! 

Since you are aware of the effects of Mercury (extensive scientific literature abound on the internet, at least since 2010 – a statistical report of the Cape-Coast University in Ghana): you are                                                                                                                          – not only political responsible for non-acting, but                            – complicit as well (with suspect involvement in the Mercury and gold-mining business).                                                                        It has always been a conflict between the interests in ‘sika’ and those of human health: with health-decline to death. So, I would not be surprised ..


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So far: Non-compliance of Miamata-Convention on Mercury Poisoning

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