Ultimate Membership Profile C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link Number 1

Ultimate Membership Profile C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link Number 1,

with Relevant concepts in Irrigation:                   

– South Africa,                                                        

– Jain Irrigation Catalog,                                        

– Jain Watering Contact Details, and                 

– Drip Water-Supply System Handbook. 


Ultimate Membership Profile C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link Number 1
Ultimate Members Profile C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link Number 1


What is your Rank Profile C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link? (according to the Free Dictionary):  a  set of characteristics that  shows or is thought to show a particular type of person, i.e. your person or International Entity or National Entity in the field of international law. I Hope, this will be clear … If not, see also: 

– Direct/Indirect Interest Relationship Cross-Continent Water-Supply Project                         – Transverse-African Continent Water-Supply Project / Arrangement Selected Countries

Why are the following concepts relevant for YOUR Profile? Because all those concepts relate to ‘irrigation’, especially in Africa: in which you are interested, or not??  So, Ultimate Membership Profile C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link Number 1 relates to Irrigation issues in South Africa. 

– South Africa:

Why is ‘South Africa’ mentioned in the context of this Page?  BECAUSE the South African Republic had ALL the means. For what? To expeditiously carry out her plans, to use the water-resources IN the country for water-supply! Whilst North-Africans, those in the Mid-zone and now those in nations extending to the South, experience droughts! click the video-link: Africa, Dams and Development.




Jain Water-Supply Catalog:  

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.JainsMIScatalogue&hl=en (Click) and see the Sum-up cited                                                           

– Jain Water-Supply Systems Limited (JISL), with more than 9000 associates worldwide and revenue of more than 50 billion rupees, is a publicly listed Indian multinational company with manufacturing plants in 28 locations across the globe. (ECR dd 29th May 2020): 1 Euro is equal to 82.836580 Indian Rupees; 50   billion rupees = 597.150.000.00 Euro, today.                                        – It is a leader in innovation with 2300 acres of farms under research and development.                                – It is engaged in manufacturing of Micro Irriga-tion Systems, PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Plastic Sheets, Agro Processed Products, Renewable Energy Solutions, Tissue Culture Plants, Financial Services and other agricultural inputs since last 35 years.             




Jain Irrigation Contact Details 

https://www.moneycontrol.com/company-facts/jainirrigationsystems/management/JIS02                        To CITE:  Get Jain Irrigation Systems contact details, Registered Address of Jain Irrigation Systems along with Jain Irrigation Systems management information.       


– Drip Water-Supply System Handbook:

Overview:  Drip irrigation is the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops. Thanks to drip watering, farmers can produce higher yields ...  



So, Ultimate Membership Profile C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link Number 1 relates to JAIN Irrigation issues in India and Drip Water Supply Systems.


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So far:  Ultimate Membership Profile C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.link number 1, South Africa, Jain Irrigation Catalog,  Jain Irrigation Contact Details, Drip Water-Supply System Handbook


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