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Hello, you are free to fill out this Ultimate Contact Irrigateafrica.link Number 1, or Water-Supplyafrica.link Intergroup Communitation Form! A Risky Future for Africa?

What advantages you may expect? Getting up to date info on developments in the field of irrigation with related in-depth descriptions of issues. Further, you may join discussion groups in the forums (with specific subjects).

And ultimately, as a result of those discussions you are invited to join one of the two Memberships. Dependent on your situation, you may make the choice for a Direct Interested Membership OR Indirect (collateral) Interested Membership. All relating to your concerns and efforts to help build this Cross-Africa Irrigation Project / Organization, c.q. African Environmental Protection Agency.  


Ultimate Link Irrigateafrica.link Number 1; Free-10-Vector-PSD-Contact-Icons-in-SVG-PNG-freecreatives.com-600x587-1.jpg
Ultimate Link WaterSupply-africa.link Number 1; Free-10-Vector-PSD-Contact-Icons-in-SVG-PNG-freecreatives.com-600×587-1.jpg

You may make your choice, Top Liaison Irrigateafrica.link Number 1, or Irrigateafrica Liaison Form, a Risky Future? after getting more info by clicking the following links: 


 – high level officials urge rapid scale farmer led irrigation africa green revolution forum                          

– affordable irrigation to african farmers



Why is there a need for a project of peace for the people of Africa? Link C.A.I.P. Irrigateafrica.web! and                 

Vision & Objectives of the Transverse-Africa Water-Supply Project / Organisation

Subsequently, you have first to answer the question which route to use to enter a bright future. Implying that you abstain from using the community irrigation system for commercial purposes without a permit or otherwise interfere with the course of a river or stream. Then: enter the page with Top Link Irrigateafrica.link Number 1, or Irrigateafrica.link Reaching Form.

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So far: Ultimate Contact Irrigateafrica.link Number 1, or  Water-supplyafrica.internet Communication Form, a Risky Future?


Cross-Africa Irrigation Project, c.q. African E.P.A. i.s.n.