Summary Cross-Africa Irrigation Project Ultimate Number 1 to complete



Summary Cross-Africa Irrigation Project Ultimate Number 1 to complete, C.A.I.P. Abstract, Water-Supply Sector Abstract EN, c.q. Projects and Operations:


Summary Cross-Africa Irrigation Project Ultimate Number 1 to complete                                   Summary Transverse-Africa Irrigation Schemes Ultimate                                                                                                   Number 1 to complete

October 2015 saw revisions several times, even translated in the most common languages of the African Continent: Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

To illustrate this Digest C.A.I.P, Cross-Africa Water-Supply Project Sum-up, Watering Sector Summary EN, c.q. Projects and Operations, you may see:

C.A.I.P. Abstract
C.A.I.P. Abstract: retrieval of water-supply-resources from surrounding oceans


The Abstract C.A.I.P. concerns:                                                                               

Projects and Operations (of the World Bank) (click) and                            Watering Sector Sum-up EN (click).

Irrigation Sector Summary EN
                                                 Watering Sector Sum-up EN








Projects and Operations
Projects and Operations WHICH SHOULD BE LICENSED by an African  E.P.A.












Summary Cross-Africa Irrigation Project Ultimate Number 1 to complete:     

An Organization or System like the Cross-Africa Water-Supply Project proposed, caters for conciliating two seemingly conflicting needs, by striking a balance  between:

– that of extending the potential for water and a huge food-production and

– the ‘mineral-hunger’ (for whatever purposes), under the restriction of non-               contamination of the environment.

– To that end, the International African Community has to set up an International       Organization, to

– mediate among Parties and between Parties and non-Parties to C.A.I.P.,

– discipline, limited within her powers, those Parties, ruled by national and                   international laws,

– form a platform of discussion for those Parties, favouring the Mining Industries in improving their practices and reputation, giving them an opportunity to acquire ECO-status, and

– to organize and extend water-resources in Africa in which process ALL African         nations are to be involved, which will have an energizing effect.

So far: Summary Cross-Africa Water-Supply Program Ultimate Number 1 to complete: a summary of a Proposal Cross-Africa Watering Project / Organization; Projects and Operations, Water-Supply Sector Summary EN






Cross-Africa Irrigation Project, c.q. African E.P.A. i.s.n.