Political Exploitation current COVID-19 Spread Ghana Number 1


SGPolitical Exploitation current COVID-19 Spread Ghana Number 1

Political Exploitation current COVID-19 Spread Ghana Number 1
Politic Exploitation current COVID-19 Spread Ghana Number 1

a seemingly generous gesture of the current Administration towards Ghana residents:

– Free water-consumption, 3 months

– Free electricity-use paying half bill,

  3 months, 

In fact being an strategic instrument of Galamsey-involved MP’s,

securing continued water-supply for Galamsey (legal or illegal Artisenal Small Gold Mining, AMS).  

securing continued water-supply for Galamsey
securing continued water-supply for Galamsey

Let’s analyse, this ‘generosity’!                                                            To get to any solid conclusion, we have to answer 6 essential questions:                                                                                1. Who was responsible for the leakage of Corona-virus infected migrants into Ghana?!                                                          2. How does Ghana perform in this Corona Pandemic in general?                                                                                                        3. Are the ‘offers’ of Ghana Parliament really ‘alleviate’ the burdens caused by this COVID-19 spread in Ghana, causing a lot of social stress??                                                                              4. Are the measures taken by this Government really essential to control spread of this virus in Ghana?                    5. Who will benefit of the water- and electricity measures?    6. What will you experience as a user of water- and electricity in the Western Region of Ghana?                                 

Why this is a Political Exploitation current COVID-19 Spread Ghana Number 1?             

ad. 1.  What happened in April 2020:                                                                                  First in the news (internet): 2 passengers at a flight of Turkish Airlines, arriving, tested positive for COVID-19 at Kotoka Airport. However, what was common practice at Airports all over the world, that time, was neglected by the Authorities at Kotoka Airport: to quarantine ALL passengers of such a flight with single positive tested passengers!! No official Press-statement from the current Administration followed!! THAT ‘tactic’ was applied to save her own skin. But was a cover-up of a very dangerous event as well: bringing Ghana in jeopardy!! Again: double agenda.                                                                    Second in the news (on t.v.): announcements of measures, in which army and police took a major role. May be explained to be a strategy to enhance the political power of this Administration.                                                                      Third in the news (on GMA Doctors emails): that the Ministry of Information tries to keep the lead, in what is going on in Ghana concerning the Corona Virus Public Exposure.                                                                                      My comment: this ‘keeping the lead’, instead of ‘coordinating activities’ of this Ministry will cause INCOMPLETE protection of society! BECAUSE scientific statistics are ALWAYS manipulated in favour of prevalent politics, silencing any scientific support to this Government! A practice common in the USA todate!!   

ad. 2.  How Ghana has performed (as at 12th May 2020):                                                       (a Whatsapp message). What’s important:                                                        – numbers of lives lost: 22significant lower than rest of the world, and one of the lowest in Africa.                                                                                                             numbers of cases tests conducted: 160.501one of highest in West-Africa, and the World. in relation to amount of residents in the Ghanaian Republic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ad. 3.  The above facts, make it really easy to answer the 3rd question: are the ‘offers’ of Ghana Parliament really ‘alleviating’ the burdens caused by this Corona Virus spreading in Ghana, causing a lot of social stress??  The answer should be: NO! Why? Because:                                                                              – the main protocols for preventing spread (social distancing, washing hands, using sanitizers, wearing a mask and cleaning personal effects) seem to be very effective.                                                                                                                    – the statistics for the Ghanaian Republic seem to be very favorable                    – even in relation to the bordering countries.                                                                  – the virus seems to be very temperature sensitive: favorable for African countries.  Confirmation of the presumptions, stated at the outset, is looming:  Political Exploitation current COVID-19 Spread Ghana Figure 1,  with the aim of securing continued water-supply for A.M.S.                                                                                                                                                                                                ad. 4.  Policing will be necessary to control spread of Corona Virus through transport. But is here a role for the army? Only in extreme circumstances, like high infection-rates: to control chaos.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ad. 5.  Clearly MAINLY the M.P.’s involved in the ASM business, BECAUSE:    a. water in the Western Region has been re-ported, since 2018, to be used             and extracted MAINLY by the Artenisal Small Gold Mining Companies.        b. electricity capacity is straight-away connected with shrinkage of water             capacity in the Western Region.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ad. 6.  So, what will you experience or have experienced as user of water and               electricity in the Western Region?                                                                          a.  Water-pressure in the pipe reduces at day-time and increases in evening.        What is here the likely cause? Are all residents standing under the                      shower, the whole day, or washing their clothes?? Don’t expect that.                  If the Ghanaian can continue what he/she is used to, he/she will just                  continue with that habit. Though here are no statistics available (what              the Government should provide us with), the cause at hand is the                        excessive extraction of water-capacity for Galamsey activities in the                   Western Region: THAT IS THE TRUTH. UNTILL NOW DD 8th May                     2021. I challenge the Ghana Water Company to proof the contrary!!

     Which activities did NOT stop in favour of water-supply for the people of         Ghana. Atta Mills, former president spoke of ‘My People’. You may infer:         not ‘My People’, as perceived by the M.P.’s involved in the Galamsey!                 regardless of political signature (NPP, or NDC).                                                      b.  And what about the availability of electricity for the consumer?  There             are MORE frequent oust-ages, than before the Corona-virus spread,                   in  Ghana.                                                                                                                                       Question: why did the Electricity Company NOT adjust for the voltage-                                  capacity, when she could expect an increase of demand?                      Answer: What is here the likely cause? That the Company has been                    instructed by the Central Government to keep the capacity the same. And        let the demand for just Galamsey practices increase! How genuine! The            sole aim of the ‘generous’ proposals to the Ghanaian population, is a                  securing continued water-supply for A.M.S. Collateral Damage, as severe        health-hazards caused by Heavy Metals is shamelessly neglected!   

A Political Exploitation current COVID-19 Spread Ghana Number 1

In Conclusion:                                                                                                                                                        The whole operation features an old-fashioned Machiavellian-ism. Simply explained, by a diplomat-merchant, Machiavelli, travelling up and down Italy-China in the 16th century: The political lie is the highest virtue.                                                                                                           What does that mean, here, in Ghana? A political lie towards a population, with an estimated 60% (?) unschooled, rural population, especially in the Western Region, with an estimated 70-80% drinking from the surface and ground-water straight … (see my Presentations of October 2019 for Ghana Medical Association and Managers of Local  Government Seckondi). As such causing damage to the political reputation of the M.P.’s involved. The Ghana Cedi gain for some months does NOT outweigh the gain of using electricity (partly) free, and water (fully) free! There are numerous families in the Western Region suffering from the consequences of lack of pure water. Since I lived in the Western Region (1999), I was warned by doctors only to drink sachet-water, wherever it came from. It turned out that in respect of availability and reliability only Voltic water stood (and stands) out.                                                                                                         

The whole operation of Galamsey is a shameless exploitation and exposure to health-hazards of the population and has NOT been halted by the present Government. 

That’s why you may speak of a Political Exploitation current COVID-19 Spread Ghana Number 1

So far: Politic Victimisation present COVID-19 Public Exposure Ghana Figure 1,  securing continued water-supply for Galamsey.


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