Health Effects Heavy Metals Western Region Illegal Gold Mining Ghana


Abstract of Health Effects Heavy Metals Western Region Illegal Gold Mining Ghana  (05-19-2019).

A solution which prevented Illegal Gold Mining in Colombia: space enabled monitoring of illegal gold mining (e.g. by drone).

Environmental Concerns: (contamination with Heavy Metals and) Heavy Metal Toxicity



Health Effects HM Western Region Illegal Gold Digging Ghana: the Persiflage performed by the MP’s involved in the Galamsey concerning those Health Effects!!!  


Health Effects Heavy Metals Western Region Illegal Gold Mining Ghana                                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The reality shown on the ground, to be controlled by DRONES!!!

ATTACHMENT DETAILS  Western-Region-illegal-gold-mining-in-Ghana-How-Satellite-Data-Can-Fight-Illegal-Mining-in-Ghana-UN-...600x320-px.jpg
Health Effects Heavy Metals Western Region Illegal Gold Mineral Extraction GhanaWestern-Region-illegal-gold-mining-in-Ghana-How-Satellite-Data-Can-Fight-Illegal-Mining-in-Ghana-UN- …600×320 -px.jpg; 9 May 2021 29 KB 600 by 320 pixels


Heavy Metal ToxicityGreen Concerns: Heavy Metal Toxicity: Could You Have HEAVY METAL POISONOUSNESS?

space enabled monitoring of illegal gold mining                                                          space enabled monitoring of illegal gold mining, phase after the Drone experiment!!

The presentation ‘Health Effects Heavy Metals Illegal Gold Mining Western Region Ghana‘, inclusive HM Toxicity. Concerns:

    1. a discussion of conclusions (with consequences for Consequences of Well-being Heavy Metals and green concerns) drawn on ground- and surface-water statistical analysis in the Western Region Illegal Gold Mining Ghana, since 2010. Analysis on Heavy Metals (HM), as by-product of gold-mining industries: small-mining (so-called Galamsey) and large-mining industry. One extra solution for social control of Galamsey is mentioned in this Post: space enabled monitoring of illegal gold mining.

    2. *Quote:  Using freely available Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, and in-corporating machinel that could show suspected areas of illegal mining. …  Published 27 July 2018, From: UK Space Agency.
    • A survey of the personal well-being effects Heavy Metals, available medical investigations and therapy of HM poisoning by polluted water.   

    • Because Mercury, Arsenic and Lead were the main focus of statistical analysis in the Western Region, the wellness-effects of those metals were central in the discussions.
    • The conclusion of the study, with recommendations, comprising:                                            – Transparency in mining practices;                                                                                                          – Institution of Water-WatchGroups as representatives of stakeholders;                                        – Replacement of the assigned inspectors;                                                                                              – Elimination of Arsenic in waste-water at source;                                                                                – Reduction of all other toxic HM in mining-waste-waters;                                                                – Urgent update to recent scientific standards;                                                                                      – Bring polluters & perpetrators to justice through Fast-track procedures;                                    – The President may take the initiatives mentioned in the Ghana Constitution, Part II Emergency Powers     Art. 31;                                                                                                                      –  Assign Pollution research to an independent Research-institute, preferably an institute from a non-ex-colonial country;                                                                                                          – Introduce, as soon as possible, law-enforced non-toxic gold-extraction methods;                        In the Way Forward are mentioned:                                                                                                  – Mercury suppliers in Ghana and an example of Mining-Industry with a dubious  mission;    – 3 Examples of Toxic-free chemical Gold-Extraction Methods;                                                        – 2 Examples of Chemical-free Gold-Extraction Methods;                                                                  Concluding:                                                                                                                                                 – recommended methods for Small- and Large-gold-mining Industries;                                        – such as suggested by the UK study mentioned before (UK Space Agency):  by space enabled monitoring of illegal gold mining (applicable for remote-area illegal gold mining activities). The whole study could be characterized as: Health Effects Heavy Metals Western Region Illegal Gold Mining Ghana, with green concerns, i.e. serious health-hazards.   

    • This Summary of Health Effects Heavy Metals Western Region Illegal Gold Mining Ghana, would not be complete without a link to the complete article. So if you are interested (in how people unknowingly are suffering from HM-poisoning….), click Presentation G.M.A. Western Region – 2nd version
    • RELEVANT INTERNAL LINKS:                                                       

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So far: Health Effects Heavy Metals Western Region Illegal Gold Mining Ghana, Space enabled monitoring of illegal gold mining.



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