Ghana Independence Day AD 2020. MP’s Targets: serve Mammon and God


Yes, my Dear Audience, today is Ghana Independence Day AD 6th March 2020. MP’s Targets: serve Mammon and God.  Well, now a year later, NOTHING has changed.                          However, there is an issue: credibility of ‘facts’ produced, in Ghana. Relating some common sense facts, I hope to make clear that issue, by painting the following contrasts:

Ghana Independence Day AD 2020. MP's Targets: serve Mammon and God
Ghana Independence Day AD 2020. 
            1. MP's Targets: serve Mammon and God
              Ghana Independence Day AD 2020. Members of Parliament’s Targets: serve Mammon and God
  • Christians and Muslims (who read the Bible and Koran), will find, especially in Matthews 06:24 and Luke 16:13, that (cited): ‘Ye are not able to serve God AND Mammon’. The Deity Mammon’, originally being the Syrian God of Riches and Sowing Confusion. To exemplify by the process of so-called parallel thinking:                                                                        a. Mammon as a symbol for the Gold-Mining Industry in practice and                                                                                                b. God symbolizing His natural environment, with it’s impact on the health of God’s mayor creation: the Human Being, especially the Population in the Mining Area’s and down-stream, in the Western Region. The Ghanaian Members of Parliament, responsible for the enactment of the Miamata Convention of 2013, cannot spoil at the same time, the environment with Mercury through involvement in activities of ALL Gold-mining companies (Governmental AND Artenisal Small Mining).

  • According to the Miamata Convention of 2013 they pledged to RESTRICT the use of Mercury and spread in the environment. The more, because it has been declared by the World Health Organization as the most poisonous Heavy Metal in the world.

  1. In a former posting that was referred to, as what the French call ‘incompatibilite des fonctions’
    So, while those involved MP’s are celebrating Ghana’s Independence Day, they shamelessly let people (from the mining-area) suffer or die in the Dialysis Department of the Regional Hospital of the Mining Western Region. In the churches they sit in front, and tell the Pastors WHAT to preach: political lies which, according to an ancient Italian politician Machiavelli, are the ‘highest virtue’ – but, don’t be confused – for the politician, NOT for the Pastor.

  2. So, in my opinion, the Ghanaian MP’s marked this day as a black page in Ghana’s history: Ghana Independence Day AD 2020. MP’s Targets: serve Mammon and God. Which had NO place in the Vision of the founder of Ghana, former president Nkrumah.

  3. Conclusion: As described above, in this way the Gold-mining involved MP’s lie to God and serve Mammon – not acceptable for genuine Christians AND Muslims – This, by being involved in the Galamsey and Govern-mental Gold-Mining Industries promoting Mercury trade.
  4. Is there a better example of Double Agenda’s and lies towards the International Community??
  5. Why ‘shamelessly’?: because they are complicit in legal terms. They KNOW or COULD KNOW  about the hazard people in the mining-area are running, when using surface- and ground-water, which contains the poisonous Heavy Metal Mercury, Arsenic and Lead. At least in the last 10 years, many statistical analysis have been performed in the Western Region AND published. But again, shame on the responsible authorities, who tried to hide the facts, even in those studies (see, former postings and pages on this web-site). So, insulting intellectuals AND not caring, whether the grossly illiterate population can read those published articles or not!!
  6. Corruption in Ghana’s Government is a common feature. The route to justice for the suffering population is in fact simple. Because court-cases will not result in credible justice, to seek justice through those institutions is waste of time and energy.
  7. There is rather a need for international assessment of Corruption in Ghana’s Government and Ghanaian MP’s misbehaviour:  and here you will find such a one: Corruption Perception Wikipedia – Transparancy International – Global Table – 2012-2020; Uploaded on: 8 May 2021, JUST CLICK!
  8. So, Blatant Injustice, wait ‘small’ …
  9. So far: Ghana Independence Day AD 2020. MP’s Targets: serve Mammon and God


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