Complaint to World Health Organization about Malpractices Mining Ghana





This Complaint to World Health Organization about Malpractices Mining Ghana is an e-mail in the form of an open letter to the W.H.O. and concerns: complaint about Water Pollution by Heavy Metals from Gold-mining industry in Western Region Ghana.

Complaint to World Health Organization about Malpractices Mining Ghana
Charge to World Health Organization about Malpractices Mining Ghana

From: hans pronk <
8 Dec 2019 at 18:14
To: the WHO Office of Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,  Department of Communications  World Health Organization  Avenue Appia, 20 CH-1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland       
From: Dr. Mr. Mr. Hans Pronk, Fijaj-East plot no. 21, Sekondi,
Western Region TD 1415 Takoradi, Ghana tel. +233 26 393 4775
Dear Andrée Pinard Clark,
Only with reluctance, I address myself to the W.H.O. – because of the circumstances I live in.
To introduce myself:
I am a pensioned  Medical Doctor, International Lawyer (MD, LLM, MBA)
 – Specialist in Environmental Management and International Organizations (incl. WHO).
– Practitioner in Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, Sekondi, Ghana, 13 years.
– Medical Civil Advisor (Doctor) with the Military Forces of The Netherlands, 18 years (inclusive                   screening for Peacekeeping Operations in Southern Europe).
– CEO Website Proposal for a Transverse-Africa Irrigation Project, since October 2015.
Since I am aware, that even Ghanaian Members of Parliament are heading Galamsey companies in the Western Region of Ghana in the Gold-mining areas – it is urgent to bring this practice to the attention of the Secretariat.
The more, since Ghana committed herself to reducing the use of Mercury in Gold-mining, signing in 2013 at the Convention of Minamata.
The MP’s – who are supposed to contribute to incorporating that Convention in Ghana Law – by heading Galamsey companies, are rather in the position of conflicting interests. They have more impetus to stimulate the Mercury trade, than by restricting it.
This situation, in short, makes Ghana NOT a credible partner in the convention: WHEN will Parliament incorporate the Convention in Ghana Law?
The President of Ghana is even compromised by this situation: he installed a Commission to solve the problems caused by the Galamsey. But will he fine the MP’s in Parliament? Very unlikely.
Here we are: the MP’s played check-mate. Those very MP’s caused patients (from the Gold-mining area Tarkwa were Galamsey is rampant – as it is along the Ankobra and Pra rivers running to the coast) to land in the Dialysis Department of Effia  Nkwanta Regional Hospital. Because of kidney issues. As is known: Mercury targets the kidneys.
I discovered this hidden issue – NOT published, rather covered up – a year ago, when I wanted to give a presentation about irrigation in Africa. It all ended up in at least 2 presentations: one for the Municipality in Sekondi and one for the Ghana Medical Association in the Western Region.
I add a petition to the Ghana Government (Ministry of the Environment). From ALL those efforts, I am still waiting for a response. Attached are the 2 presentations of October and November last, as well.
I hope, to get a response – at least from the W.H.O. – because, if the World Health Organization cannot influence politicians, WHO CAN?? The future for Ghana and Africa is clouded by politicians and Mining Companies.
The large files have been sent to your email through drop-box,
Your response, please,
With kind regards,
Dr. Mr. Mr. Hans Pronk
UPDATE for the Audiance of this Web-site: I GOT NO ANSWER UNTILL NOW, DD 8TH MAY 2021!  SHAME TO WHO! NO TIME??  

So far: Complaint to World Health Organization about Malpractices Mining Ghana


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