Climax Discoveries Cover-up Heavy Metal Water-poisoning Ghana




Why to speak of a Climax in Discoveries Cover-up Heavy Metal Water-poisoning Ghana? 


Climax Discoveries Cover-up Heavy Metal Water-poisoning Ghana                                      Climax Discoveries Cover-up  Heavy Metal Water-Poisoning Ghana                                                                                                                             


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A Climax Discoveries Cover-up Heavy Metal Water-poisoning Ghana? YES:

Because MP’s turn out to be CEO’s of Galamsey companies in the Western Region of Ghana: a disgrace for Ghana! Confirming the complicity of those MP’s: they perform a political disfunction: in French: Incompatibilite des Fonctions. Which means:  one hand on the back, one on the belly (an, indigenous idiomatic expression in the Twi language): 

1. on one hand the MP’s are under obligation to incorporate the Miamata Convention on Mercury Restriction in Ghana Law.

2. on the other hand, they take advantage of the revenues of Mercury push in the market (!!). 

In doing so, causing hazard to the population, WITH knowledge of the consequences of their activities: which creates legal liabilities. The reason, why the President of Ghana has trouble to solve the issues caused by Artisan Small Mining companies (ASM). Though the ‘Official’ Big Gold-mining Companies produce an UNDETERMINED concentration of Mercury in ground- and surface-water as well.

The Ghana Parliament – to my knowledge – did not decide, yet, on incorporating the Minamata Convention on restriction of Mercury (after signing in March 2013).

Similarly,  after two months, I got NO reactions from the Ghana Government, after Presentations on the subject of Health Effects of Heavy Metal Pollution and Practices of the Gold-Mining Industries in that field. Both presentations for the STMA (Municipality) of Takoradi-Sekondy and the Ghana Medical Association of the Western Region.

Which left me to write a complaint to the Secretary General of the World Health Organisation, yesterday.   

In this letter I made mention of the fact that those very MP’s – heading Galamsey companies – caused patients to land in the Dialysis Department of Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital. Especially from the Gold-mining area Tarkwa were Galamsey is rampant – as it is along the Ankobra and Pra rivers running to the coast.  Dialysis is performed because of kidney issues. As is known: Mercury targets notoriously the kidneys.   

Acting in this way, I am convinced, Ghana Government, especially Parliament will be put under pressure to incorporate the Miamata Convention in Ghana Law!!

Thanks for your attention, for this issue of immense proportions (and this is NOT a Christmas present for the African (My) People, to speak with Ata Mills, former President of Ghana). The solution for it, IS the Christmas Present …..

To complete, I will give you the links to the Presentations mentioned: (1) one for Medical Doctors (though it has been written in clear language for a broad audience) and secondly, (2) one for Lawyers, Policy-makers and Managers in the Environmental Realm:

(1) [embeddoc url=”” download=”logged” viewer=”microsoft”]

(2A) [embeddoc url=”” download=”logged” viewer=”microsoft”]

(2B) [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]

As an update dd 8th May 2021: the Mercury-contamination of water has changed, i.e. worsened as to be expected: because no credible measures have been taken by Ghana Government to stop the use of Mercury!

So far: Climax Discoveries in Cover-up Heavy Metal Water-poisoning Ghana


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