China’s Coup du Monde Unique in History


China’s Coup du Monde


China's Coup du Monde                                                            Coup du Monde tried by China

Corruption perceptions index 2021


corruption perceptions index 2021                                               corruption perceptions index 2021

2016 coupe du monde de la boulangerie day 4 winners

2016 coupe du monde de la boulangerie day 4 winners

2016 coupe du monde de la boulangerie day 4 winners

China’s Trial to Take-over the World    To CITE: The Take-over of the World – de la Boulangerie once again goes to an Asian country. The China team, consisting of Yu Peng, Lu Pei Zhi and Gong Xin, is the brand new winner of the latest edition of the competition, held in Europain Paris. Japan (Ninomiya Shigeaki, Tsuda Yoshiki and Katsumi Yohei) and Denmark (Troels Mikkel Hansen, Siri Pallesen and Asger Skov Hansen) have come in second and third place …


2016 coupe du monde de la boulangerie day 4 winners   To CITE:  A member of the 2005 championship Team USA at the prestigious Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris (the “bread-baking Olympics”), he was also head coach of the runner-up 2012 team. He’s experienced in numerous aspects of the baking industry, including restaurants, production bakeries, academia, and consulting.×574-px.jpg;  8 May 2021 88 KB – 900 by 574 pixels

But like in all cookies, here comes the surprise (poisonous corruption) – at least from China:


Corruption Perceptions Index 2021

Corruption Perceptions Index 2020 – Publications – To CITE: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
This year’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) paints a grim picture of the state of corruption worldwide. While most countries have made little to no progress in tackling corruption in nearly a decade, more than two-thirds of countries score below 50.
Our analysis shows corruption not only undermines the global health response to COVID-19, but contributes to a continuing crisis of democracy.

2020 proved to be one of the worst years in recent history, with the outbreak of the global
COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating effects. The health and economic impact on
individuals and communities worldwide has been catastrophic.
More than 90 million people were infected, and nearly 2 million people lost their lives around the world.1
As the past tumultuous year has shown, COVID-19 is not just a health and economic crisis, but
a corruption crisis as well, with countless lives lost due to the insidious effects of corruption
undermining a fair and equitable global response.
Reports of corruption during COVID-192 have reverberated across the globe

To download overview 2020:

To see Corruption Perception Wikipedia – Transparancy International – Global Table – 2012-2020; Uploaded on: 8 May 2021, click the link

China Corruption Index | 1995-2019 Data | 2020-2022 …  To CITE: China scored 41 points out of 100 on the 2019 Corruption Perceptions  Index reported by Transparency International. Corruption Index in China averaged 34.75 Points from 1995 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 41 Points in 2017 and a record low of 21.60 Points in 1995. This page provides the latest reported value for – China Corruption Index – plus previous releases, historical high and …

China is according to the 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index now Ranking 78 (on a scale of 1 – 179), with a Score of 42 (on a scale of 22 – 88 – higher score, less corrupt). To compare Ghana, resp. 75, and 41.

How should we assess this ‘Chinese corruption on the rise despite government clamp down’?? YOU know, a certain virus ‘escaped’ China, called ‘COVID-19’. BECAUSE of China’s influence on the International Trade-Platform, many Heads of State in the world – try to DOWNPLAY this event. THINK this through: it means they bow under the pressure of China’s international politics! FIE YOU, EUROPEAN OFFICIALS!

The COVID-19 is victimizing China’s own population, and especially populations in cold climate area’s, because it is very likely that the virus is highly temperature sensitive! Result of the cooperation of Chinese biological warfare scientists and Chinese Political Strategists. What a success, it works! We have now reached one of the darkest ages of humanity … Such a wickedness … Is an Upset of the World-order, sought by China, backed-up by Russia: merely a hypothetical question? And why not through a Chinese Government retaliation by a deadly COVID-19-virus (later going in the history-books as the 2020 virus)?

And are the motivations not lying in President’s diplomatic misbehaviour in unleashing a President Trump’s China declared Trade-War? Is this only a rhetorical question??

I have some questions for each intellectual and non-intellectual. In answering to those questions, you can answer the topic questions for yourself!

Why does the concept of a ‘China’s Coup du Monde Unique in History’ rise in someone’s mind? Because:

  1. China historically was unique historically, in inventing different types of war-fare, even before the eve of the Roman Empire … such as explosives. Used in inter-kingdom battles. 
  2. But now we are living in the dangerous nuclear age, in which retaliation may affect your own nation (by the effects of nuclear fall-out), you have to look for more sophisticated weaponry. Already we know that biological war-fare has been used in Iraque (under Sadam Hussein), and in Syrie (under the psychopath current president Saddat terrorizing his own population – like Sadam did) with disastrous results.
  3. So, those were excellent examples to follow, by Chinese biological war-fare scientist-military, to try out – by a method of ‘trial-and-error’ – a Coup du Monde – which would be really unique in history – true or false???  TRUE!

A normal thinking and reasonable human being will feel enraged and really has to contain oneself NOT to become SARCASTIC towards Political ‘Leaders’ (better term: Make-Sufferers), like ex-prez Trump, President Xi Jin Ping, and President (karate-expert) Putin …. At the same time you may pity them, because their ‘reward’ in their after-life will be terrible … BECAUSE they sacrificed their (own!) electorate for their own gains …; AND EUROPEAN OFFICIALS just looking on for ‘ECONOMIC BENEFITS’. I, as a Dutch national feel ashamed for my own race …

You should know something about the history of Chinese Governments, and their interaction with diplomats in the 15th and 16th century. Compare to the area of Stalinism in the early 20th century with its absolutism and paranoia.

One of the Italian inter-actors was Machiavelli, who frequently travelled to China (that time with more kingdoms). From him came the ground-rule: ‘the political lie is the highest virtue’ (!).

A philosophy still practiced by most of the world’s national governments. Is it not likely Machiavelli adopted that philosophy from Chinese governments?

Questions / Answers:

1. And, knowing all this, is it not likely that China (as the ‘mother’ of the political lie) SHOULD NOT BE BELIEVED BY ANYONE, with reference to statements of scientists, business-people or politicians? The more, because those statements of Chinese business-people or scientists in the international press are ALL controlled by Chinese agents  – which also happens in the totalitarian state of Russia.

China tried to keep secret that it had to operate 24 hrs furnaces for Corona-virus victims! What did it mean: at least 500 bodies a day.  Now, when you keep the above-mentioned in mind:

2. Is it not possible that the Chinese Government created the situation, to get a grip at world-politics? In other words:  has the Chinese Government  plotted a China’s Coup du Monde Unique in History: a political one (not that of the FIFA)? or an Overturn of the World-order, attempted by China, backed-up by Russia. It is clear, the COVID-19 virus is spreading best in cold climates.  Which fits exactly in the Chinese Strategists optics: to retaliate in the U.S., such as happened in January 2020.  As soon as the seasonal temperature rises, the virus has less chance to spread. Which explains, why it had a high chance in the cold (Alps-)area in Northern Italy and during the winter setting in, on the Southern half of the globe.

3. Is it not possible that the Chinese Government has the vaccine for the Corona Virus, but only will reveal it at a time,  convenient only for China?? Keep in mind, that having the electronic microscopic ‘print’ of contact point between the Corona virus cell and that of the human body (such as maintained by a Laboratory in Texas): is NOT enough. The process by which the Chinese scientists have manipulated the bat-virus to the human geno-type is far more important: it is totally NOT sure that this process can be reversed!! A medicine for the Corona-virus is different from a VACCINE: because the first one cures only (like remdesivir) and the last adds immunity as well: necessary to stop a Pandemic!  The Pharmaceutical Industries have their own (unethical) economic interests: the longer they can wait with bringing out the results of research for a vaccine against this Corona-virus, the more profit it may bring to their industries!!

4. The statistics issued by the Chinese Government since January 2020, are, such as you call it: ‘too good to be true’.

5. What did the Chinese Government with Corona-virus patients of Islamic origin, locked up in so-called ‘educational camps’?? Info here, is (again) blocked by the Chinese Government … 

6. Why should I believe a ‘jota’ from Chinese stories? Here, in Ghana, they polluted the agriculture in 2015, still work in the Galamsey (and continue polluting with the poisonous Mercury).

7. Even the so-called ‘gifts’ to African Nations have many conditions: not the least to acquire minerals from the African soils!

My conclusion: 
1. The Chinese Government has to pay the price for LOSS OF CREDIBILITY! believe NOTHING of the ‘facts’ on the internet, neither from the disappointing World Health Organization, UNLESS proven by an independent international team of experts. After all, the W.H.O. is NOT political independent: which explains why she leans to ‘facts’ published by the Chinese Government. The effects on warm-climate world area’s is to be awaited: because the virus is clearly effective in cold temperatures!
2. Good-bey old world without nationalism. The Global Village looks now more than ever, an utopia. In my opinion, caused by President Trump, who poisoned the public opinion to a mentality you will recognize in the pre-World War II 1930 area: ‘national socialism‘, though Mr. Trump says to ‘hate’ socialism ….
Summed up: we can now identify 3 ‘sick’ elements in current international politics:
President Xi Ping’s (or his Government’s) Coup du Monde, attempted by China, backed-up by Russia, inclusive (and recently proven by activities on the African Continent), a Coup d’Afrique – in the form of a retaliation to President’s Trump Trade-War! But, as mentioned already, having to pay the price of LOSS OF CREDIBILITY.
President Putin’s overtly backup of China’s politics, on the African Continent as well: to extract minerals as quick as possible, as secret as possible and (if possible) not to pay anything for it, backed up by his propaganda, such as is happening in the Central African Republic!
President Trump’s new national socialism, setting up heads of Government to Nationalism and his disastrous economic politics, he claims to be the author of ….. He is now paying the price for his Trade-War and shows how incompetent he is in handling this world health crisis! Sensible Americans should not even THINK of voting him in a new area, with a Trump Reality Show …; unless they are convinced that money can buy everything, such as revival of dead corona-virus bodies.
Wake up African Leaders: resist the intimidation from Russia and China!! Test the lies!
And answer the question yourself: is China’s Coup du Monde Unique in History?


Dr. Mr. Mr. Hans Pronk, Medical Doctor, International Lawyer (specialized in W.H.O.) and Environmental Manager, WebMaster:
So far: China’s Coupe du Monde, corruption perceptions index 2017, 2016 coupe du monde de la boulangerie day 4 winners, China Corruption Index








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