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1. ceo_crossafr ultimate number 1

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ceo_crossafr ultimate number 1
 CEO ultimate number 1

About CEO ultimate number 1:

The Chief Executive Officer has the task to share and delegate. Not to be found on this page. Sharing of info and delegating authority with Staff-members. Those Staff live in the different African Nations, spread over 7000×7000 km.

Here, you will read about his motivation: as a small boy, he got the inspiration to work as a doctor in Africa, and acquired this opportunity only when the obligatory military service in Europe ended, due to the fall of the Berlin’s Wall (in 1989). In disregard of this delay, he emigrated to Africa, leaving his family, in 1999.

In Ghana, ceo_crossafr ultimate number 1 perceived the post-colonial situation. Not a lack of healthcare, but a societal life heavily influenced by and burdened by a colonial past: the so-called ‘Common Wealth’, which meant only more wealth for the pre-existent Ghanaian Aristocracy! 

Statistics lie (as usual): Ghana is propagated as a ‘middle-income’ Nation. But due to an estimated 60% illiterate (inclusive just basic school educated) people, many young people earn their lively-hood in the street, everywhere (in cities and villages). Then, some more talented young people, may be ‘favored’ by that aristocracy, whether located in the National Democratic Congress, NPP or CPP … That means, that the whole society is rolling back to the time of the founder of Ghana, Dr. Nkrumah. No political democratic development in real sense. Why? Because there is a lack of political will in the parties mentioned… fie .. According to ceo_crossafr ultimate number 1.

Now, what does this ‘economic progress’ result in? Answer: a heavily politicized society, such as I will demonstrate as follows: 

One of the symptoms of that heavily politicized society (i.e. far less ruled by law) I published on the net. The water pollution (surface-, ground- and pipe-water) by Heavy Metals (HM) in the Western Region, by the unbridled use of Mercury in the gold-extraction (in the mining-industries, inclusive so-called Galamsey). The situation now (July 2020) has NOT changed.

The Government is still struggling to stop that pollution. But such as I suggest, the cure is to be found in criminalizing (by law) the use of Mercury for gold-extraction and compulsory use of non-toxic methods to that purpose.

Why is it so difficult to stop the supply of Mercury? Because:                                         

1. Many (underground) Ghanaian Members of Parliament are involved in the Galamsey along the river Pra and Ankobra. In the end they will face criminal charges.  2. China has the biggest stake in it, as the world’s  biggest gold-producing country. And having a stake in criminal or non-criminal supply-push of that (by the World Health Organisation marked) most poisonous metal n earth: Mercury, Chinese workers left the agricultural fields, surrounding the Tarkwa gold-mines and Galamsey active areas, in a deplorable state, already in 2015. At the same time leaving a BAD reputation behind! Not the least by STILL being involved in the Galamsey.

So far, my impressions of in Ghana …. and of the China Ambassador …!! and the CEO ultimate number 1


In the first paragraph the ceo_crossafr ultimate number 1, described his motivation in that Irrigateafrica.web Initiator’s Wrap-up. In such a way he will introduce you in his short career-development.

I hope, you enjoyed the exercise in Food and Development. I mentioned the art



Sum-up CV ceo_crossafr   Sum-up CV ceo_crossafr   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sum-up CV CEO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               About the Initiator how can he serve and secure a bright future for the African Continent? Can he make Irrigation-focused people agree on the Objectives and Visions in the end? Be assured, he will energize African People to work for the future of THEIR continent!
– CAIP Membership and Recommendations on Organization of Water-Supply on the African Continent
The C.V., a Sum-up CV Chief Executive
CEO, Project-Initiator and -leader:
Dr. Mr. J. B. Pronk, Med. Doctor, Internat. Lawyer, M.B.A., Specialist in Environmental Management and International Organizations (incl. W. H. O.),
Medical Doctor for the Ghanaian Government in a Regional Hospital, 13 years,
Medical civil Doctor with the Dutch Military Forces (incl. screening for Peace-keeping Operations in Southern Europe), 18 years total, before emigration to Africa.
Mob.: +233-26-3934775
E-Mail Addresses:,,
Contact Address: Fijaj-East, plot no. 21, Sekondi, P.O. Box TD 1415 Takoradi / Sekondi, Ghana

So far: ceo_crossafr ultimate number 1Sum-up CV principal executive officer,  the initiator’s sum-up.

Cross-Africa Irrigation Project, c.q. African E.P.A. i.s.n.