Asante King – Otumfuo – condemns illegal mining


Asante King – Otumfuo – condemns illegal mining

Asante King - Otumfuo - condemns illegal mining
Otumfuo condemns illegal mining – image of Ruler of the Asantes, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II – Ghana Guardian –


A surprising Statement from His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, traditional Asante King in Ghana. 

See: (CITED) Otumfuo condemns illegal mining – The Ghana Guardian News   (published 20-5-2021)

He said illegal mining is causing damage and are destroying water bodies and forests. Delivering his keynote address at the Great Hall of Kwame Nkrumah The Asantehene further gave indications that he will deal with his sub-chiefs found to be complicit in the activities of illegal mining. (source: Afia Aning-Badu).

What is the purport of this statement? A Political Statement ONLY Valid For His Region – Not for the Western Region – and what does that mean? 

To find out, see that statement in a broader context.  Asante Authorities have historically taken the bull at the horns: the bull of rampant illegal gold-mining AND the poisoning of ground- and surface water by Heavy Metals in the Asante mining area’s. Especially Mercury was the bad ape: called by World Health Organization the most poisonous heavy metal in our world(!). More academics in the Asante region have been promoted on this subject.

Now, again, the Asante Authorities have to condemn, and by mouth of Asante King – Otumfuo – condemns illegal mining! Even with support of KNUST scientists – the University at Kumase (Asante’s capital), the Asante Otumfuo has to stress again that the situation has deteriorated. Are all Chiefs concerned – allowing that Galamsey – short of memory? Of course not: were gold winks – the future blinks. And forgetting environmental and health ‘collateral’ damage – causing loss of human life…. Asante King – Otumfuo – condemns illegal mining: is not enough. Teeth of the law should bite …

As to the Western Region, the situation is worse: there, the Galamsey is rampant with consequent environmental lethal damage! So, here the statement of His Majesty may only be a commendation.

Conclusion: in the end the Ghana Government with her Members of Parliament involved in the Galamsey (AND promoting Mercury commerce) are responsible for this situation. And may have to answer to questions of the International Criminal Court – concerning culpability of criminal acts due to water pollution by Heavy Metals, in the sense of the Convention of Rome on Crimes against Human Rights! Brace yourself! 
So far:  Asante King – Otumfuo – condemns illegal mining




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